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A collaborative web app enabling behavioral improvement. The iOS/android apps have been deprecated and replaced with this very early development preview. The next big push will be adding videos. If you are interested in becoming part of our talent pool, check out the Participate section below.
Home of the behavior experts, offering therapy alternatives, life coaching and corporate development programs based upon our proprietary cognition improvement system.

Optimize your mind. Maximize your group. Empower collaboration.

The next generation (2.0) of app needs content. We are seeking young adults - college students preferably - who would like to participate in skits, forums and coaching for the many videos we have planned. You must live in the Charlotte Metro area.
talent At EmotionalAlignment.com

We continue to bootstrap and move forward with app development. but we are donation and angel-friendly.
funding At EmotionalAlignment.com
Interested in group / individual coaching? The web app above will give you some idea as to our approach. Workshops and other services are available too. For questions, comments or requests:
services At EmotionalAlignment.com.

Our EA YouTube Channel has some videos - "Emotions' 6 Properties" in particular - to show you the direction we are going in. We also have a TikTok Channel exhibiting our wisdom ;) While our main focus is the college market, we are always open to spreading the word. Our sister site has lots of info:
4Sight Model
Other Items...

We have a SAD Prevention Program for college organizations wanting to host workshops to improve student wellness.

Our LinkedIn profile is a good way to connect to help us disrupt the current approach to mental healthcare.

Finally, there's an abridged guide for EA Supporters to enable people participating in our programs.

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