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Emotional Alignment (EA) is the collaborative system that remediates cognitive shortcomings. These thinking flaws are the result of dysfunction during emotional development and wind up driving most mental disorders and, really, all irrational behavior and any suboptimal reasoning. The system is built upon our proprietary 4 Social Emotions Framework, offering a structured, educational-based approach to emotional wellness that any one can understand and implement to improve their quality of life.
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Please email us if you are interested in any of these opportunities:
* Beta testers if you have mild anxiety or depression and therapy has been ineffective.
* Grantors or sponsors if your organization supports innovation in mental healthcare.

We also encourage you to vist our social media channels. We try to regularly post new content although refining the web app to be self-help is our near-term focus.
@Emthority on YouTube.
@4SightModel on TikTok.
Other Items...

We have a SAD Prevention Program for college organizations wanting to host workshops to improve student wellness.

Our LinkedIn profile is a good way to connect to help us disrupt the current approach to mental healthcare.

Finally, there's an abridged guide for EA Supporters to enable people participating in our programs.

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