Welcome to Emotional Alignment (EA)

Organic Behavioral Health

A structured, education-based replacement for or augmentation of traditional therapy. We are in the process of creating the self-help capable version of our mvp app. Read below to see how you can help.
Building awareness
The first version of our app, available for iOS and android, is a reference tool for the limited group of people we coach. It gives you some idea as to our approach. If you download it and have questions or feedback, feel free to email us.
Recruiting Talent
The next generation (2.0) of app needs content. We are seeking young adults - college students preferably - who would like to participate in skits, forums and coaching for the many videos we have planned. You must live in the Charlotte Metro area. The EA YouTube Channel has some videos - "Emotions' 6 Properties" in parcticular - to show you the direction we are going in. We also have a TikTok Channel exhibiting our wisdom ;) Want to participate? Email talent@EmotionalAlignment.com.
Seeking Investors
We continue to bootstrap and move forward with app development. If you know someone who might want to expedite that process or support the follow-up campus marketing campaign, email funding@EmotionalAlignment.com. Angels wanted!
Growing Audience
While our main focus is the college market, we are always open to spreading the word. Our 4Sight Model sister site has lots of info. If you or your group/organization are interested in coaching, classes or other service, email services@EmotionalAlignment.com.
Our goal is to disrupt the current approach to mental healthcare. Early adopter? Contact us today or find the founder on LinkedIn.
Check out the EA Supporter page to learn how to enable people participating in our programs.
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