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This is the part where the rubber meets the road. The Model give us an all important base so that we can communicate with ourselves and with others. It enables the future cognitive work. And commit, well, that really gets you to agree to stuff that we all inherently agree to be simply by existing. On the other hand, Observe has measurable criteria. And, to that end, we will go beyond suggesting and really tell you that you *must* enlist others if you want change to happen.

Regardless, you are now officially starting the Process that teaches you the skills needed to guarantee change. So get ready to get in your body. Become aware of what's going on. Then figure out what may be at work. And finally, to interrogate yourself to make absolutely sure that rational thinking is the only thing you are employing. Because, without it, we are just misbehaved creatures no better than the animals crawling around the planet.

Write down at least two situations in which you get triggered.

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