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The Emotional Alignment change system starts with the need to establish a concept to give you a way to visualize how your mind works. Beyond that, we will define some terms that will hopefully, not only enable you to envision what is going on, but also allow you to enlist others to enable your progress.
The first of 4 steps, Commit is needed for those who aren't sure if their person should be help responsible to others. In reality, this is the case for everyone and there is both social as well as bioligical reasoning behind that. One can refuse to accept these truths and many do. And this is why so many live in conflict. They refuse to change and expect the world to adapt to them when it must be the other way around.
This is really the first part of this system that suggests substantive change in our traditional lives. We are so caught up in the moments of our day-to-day that we lose sight of the bigger picture. And the first step in being able to plan the future is getting the present in order. We tell people to learn how to get into their body, actually become aware of what state it is in and what they are feeling. Because once you do that, you can begin to question that which you may be taking for granted.
Once you figure out where you are, you need to figure out where you want to go. In our modern world, that often requies a review of how emotions are supposed to work. Unfortunately, this is not standard curriculum in our households, our schools and our places of work. It should be, because once it is, very interesting things happen. Emotions work really well when we let them do what they are supposed to do; homogenize behavior.
The final part of our process enters the realm of physics with an explanation as to why change seems so elusive. There are two factors really, both of which tend to hold us in place. There are the myriad thought patterns that support are coping mechanisms, even if they are unhealthy. And there is our ecosystem, all those with whom we interact daily. At some point we need to consider either enlisting our circle for help or replacing them altogether.
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