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We are currently looking for people who are open to having a coaching session live-streamed on TikTok. Since our approach promotes a shared improvement process, online real-time distribution makes a lot of sense. Our YouTube channel has an overview of our system. It also shows how live in-person interaction works. We also have a series of tidbits from our Emotions Expert Booth to give you an idea as to the wide variety of advice offered. Please send us an email if you think you may be interested.


Receive live coaching to expedite the learning and integration process. Videoconferencing is available unless you want to come to me in Portland, OR. I am not travelling at the moment. Note that at this time coaching is restricted to individuals who are open to our recording the process so that we can post it to our YouTube channel.

The typical coaching program is short as it should be. Usually 5 weeks with at least one face-to-face interaction each week, online included. As with all cases it starts with an emotional inventory. Essentially, we find the landmines in your mind. We all have them and most people have a domimant challenge in one of the four core areas. You can learn more about this in our education section.

Beyond the initial meeting where we learn about you and your experiences, the focus is on assembling a challenge list. That comprises at least a couple and up to four areas where you would like improvement. In all cases, we identify actionable items so that you can measure progress. After all, if you can't recognize the change, you can't make the change.

Finally, the whole point of the coaching program is to get you to a point of self-sufficiency. That should include your ecosystem, everyone with whom you interact on a regular basis and an area we are stressing more these days. At the very least that will be your core group of friends. You, as with everyone else, are accountable to them for your behavior. We want to help you incorporate them during the change to build self-acceptance, improve bonding and accelerate change. That is what friends (and family!) are for. Support, nurturing and growth. Use them as intended.

Email coach@4SightModel.com for more info.

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