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CORE starts with commit and, for some, it is a very big first step. That's because they are not used to sharing their mind with others. It is their mind, after all, and it should be focused on thinking of them.

Of course, this self-centered view belies the fundamental notion of why we have a mind in the first place. Consciousness allows us to share reality with others. And to prove that point all we need to do is think about language. The simple fact that you are hearing this and understanding it shows that we spend a lot of time learning how to speak to and comprehend each other. In fact, our first years of life are dominated by this operation and it is a basic focus of our primary education.

With that in mind, we begin the first of four CORE chapters with perhaps the most important question we should ask ourselves every day; am i accountable to others? and do I even want to be? the answer itself is tied to guilt because that emotion is based upon how we feel about others. After all, if we don't want to be accountable to everyone else, then we have no reason to engage in socially acceptable behavior.
Differentiate between valuing and NOT valuing others.
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