Emotional Alignment
Why be accountable?

The Golden Rule

The mostly widely known and accepted philosophical principle. There are many illogical ways to justify undesirable behavior. Do you want any of them to be used against you?


We evolved emotions for a reason. Collaboration increases our survivability. In order for that to work, we must consider each other and want to build each other up.

As we read in Ecosystem under Model, our output is maxmimized when we do what is best for us and also what is best for the group. Everything above then leads us to the closing below.
The Four EA Tenets

1. Personal Responsibility
We choose all that we say and do as well as that which we choose to not say or do.
2. Group Accountability
We must consider all with whom we interact and must either negotiate a solution or walk away.
3. Behavior Education
We recognize that we give meaning to the world and learn how to act by building emotions.
4. Behavior Malleability
We can learn to make different and, certainly, better choices.
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