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Being accountable to others starts with an ever vigilant mind-set. It requires us to get out of a self-centered approach to emotions. Meaning, we have to not consume ourselves with what we are feeling because that will exclude our ability to consider others. And there's a whole lot more of them then there is us.

To help you understand this mentality, I'm going to talk about something we do on a regular basic. Walk in public. Let's take a public street for example. The first question is are we aware of others? Do we get in their way or are otherwise oblivious to their existence. A good example is someone who tends to block passage of others, whether that is standing by an entrance or walking slow in the middle of some thoroughfare.

The second question is do we make eye contact. Do we tend to look down or otherwise distract ourselves from connecting. Yes, even if that's a stranger. To not acknowledge their existence is a subtle way of dismissing them.

Finally, when there is some type of opposition, how do we see that? how do we handle it? is it their problem? do we inform them of that? do we reach out and try to connect? or do we just get annoyed and move around it.

All these instances talk to how we interoperate in a social world. While it may seem subservient to constantly think of others - and that feeling says something about us if we do - the truth is we must realize that the communities which we inhabit are a collective. We are neither here to serve them nor they us. We definitely shouldn't try to shape the world to our liking. We should ensure we work together and that includes the most basic form of inclusion; sharing the earth we walk upon.
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