Emotional Alignment
Are you willing to alter the momentum?


86 billion neurons. That is roughly how many brain cells each adult has inside their brain. And each connection a neuron has - a synapse - connotes some information, much of it reinforcing directly or indirectly other information. That is a lot of momentum keeping you going in the same direction.

Fortunately, no matter what thought patterns you have in your head, you can change them. However, the ability to change depends upon how many synapses are supporting the old thought. Better put, change is dependent upon how much "force" and repitition you give a new direction.
Like it or not, your brain has some things wrong. The good news is that you can change them. The bad news is that, unless you appreciate all the momentum going the old way and dedicate yourself to moving in a new direction, you may make little if any difference at all. You will need to be vigilant.

That is what you are up against. Editing is possible. This section shows you how to do that.
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