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Never enable. If you will not do it for you, do it for the next person.
Learn how to give someone the ultimate warning.
Giving someone notice is such an important step that we separated it out here and for good reason. That's because it is as important to the other person as it is to you. Here's why.

For them, it's about giving them a last chance to correct their behavior as well as providing some strong feedback that they are likely not getting. After all, why would they? If they behave this way with you, they likely are doing - and have done - it with others. And if those people had communicated their dissatisfaction then they would not be as inclined to continue such undesirable behavior. Remember, your opposition should be a subtle form of pain for them. If not, then that might be the problem. Lack of sympathy on their part.

For you, it's as much about sticking up for yourself as it is to committing to a future action. There are times when we say "that was the last straw" but we let ourselves get away with the threat because we keep it to ourself. Telling them makes one thing apparent; if we don't make them accountable, we are officially announcing our role as doormat. And that clarification should hurt because we should never, ever do that.

Finally, it's about momentum. Moving your positive action forward and giving at least some resistance to their negative action. Granted, they can always try to find someone else to take advantage of and they might, but your feedback will be remembered if you do it right. Regardless, you can at least start to chip away on their ability to claim ignorance for the damage they do.

We can't force people to change. However, giving them this warning can affect that progress even when they are willing to agree to it. Ego is strong. This can help you work around the person who can't admit to undesirable behavior.
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