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Do not let anyone mistreat you.
Determine how to remove someone from your interactions.
This may be the hardest thing you ever have to do. To help motivate you, we want you to consider two questions.

Are you worth it? and do you want to enable bad behavior? We say that because, in effect, when someone does something egregious or repeatedly and we continue to interact with them we are, in effect, showing them they can mistreat us. Here's a really important axiom to keep in mind:

We tolerate undesirable behavior in exchange for our own personal comfort.

A very typical example is the partner who doesn't treat you well. Maybe you feel like you don't deserve them. Maybe you think your status with them somehow redeems you. Maybe you even play the tradeoff game where you tolerate some bad for some good, and not just in the emotional imbalance described in the axiom, but more in the transactional sense. Regardless, let me be the first to tell you if you haven't heard it before: none of those justifications are acceptable.

Abuse is abuse. And continued selfishness and irresponsibility also rise to abuse. In all cases, no one deserves that. So, please, value yourself and remove people from your life who don't treat you with the dignity we all deserve. Be alone if need be. If you don't do it for you, do it for others who may not be as tough or as open as you are. If you have to work with them, then do everything possible to eliminate interacting with them. This is a last resort, but your only option when a person refuses to be accountable.
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