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The ultimate arbiter of (personal) responsibility.
Determine inner conflict.
Even when we are with someone else, we can still be the ones triggering ourselves. That's why our solitary time can offer big clues as to why that is.

Projection is a common problem in the modern world. We feel something internal, and we look to our external environment to explain what that is. Problem is, that may not be responsible and, in some ways, it never is. Regardless, there is one time when we are unable to do that and we want to emphasize that time. Hence, this lesson.

If you're watching the news or reading a story by yourself and you experience some negative feeling, your subconscious is telling you something. The key is figuring out what that is. After all, as with everything we feel, our consciousness interprets what that stimuli might be. This is where projection comes in.

There is no shortage of bad news in the world and unpleasant events in our daily activities. The important thing is to separate what we feel with what we think and do. More importantly, we need to realize that feeling conflicted is our issue.

As we learned in emotions, a perfect person will not experience conflict. Something bad can happen and they will have expected it, so there will be no delta between what reality is and what they feel. Most all of the time, when that is not the case, there is something unresolved within us that needs to be addressed. Being alone is the perfect time to figure that out.

Whatever triggers we experience in the presence of other people will also occur when we are by ourself. Unhappiness with our physique, performance, finances, activities, planning, relationships, etc. the list can go on for days. The key is seeing the pattern as to what conflicts us and connecting the dots to see the underlying emotional misalignment driving it all. Fix that and the conflict goes away.

Being alone is the perfect opportunity to learn where we are out of balance.
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