Emotional Alignment
It all starts with our ability to recognize the physical sensations we are experiencing.

Get in your body

Mindfulness and meditation have become the go-to-exercises enabling us to find out what is going on in our bodies. Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with constant conflict or continuous motion that we fail to realize that our physical exertion is limiting our ability to sense what is going on inside us. We cannot achieve emotional awareness without first achieving physical awareness. For guidance, check out "Mindful Milliseconds" under the "Guides: Skills" section.
There is one particular group that needs to be mentioned here. The adrenaline junkies. They grew up in turmoil and take it to be normal. It is not, yet, they keep running. Their life is a constant distraction, replete with contention. They do not know how to slow down and they definitely are often unaware of the conflict they are experiencing. This group in particular must not only work hard at learning what their body is feeling, but they must also learn to give those physical clues the appropriate consideration. Without that acknowledgement, they are flying blind.
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