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Our subconscious is constantly influencing our awareness.
Focusing on what we feel.
We expect 1st graders to sit still in a chair for lengthy periods throughout their school day, yet the concept that an adult should sit still for 5 minutes can be foreign. With that comparison, I throw down this gauntlet.

Find a quiet place, leaving your phone in another room. Turn off anything making noise and get comfortable. Then...do nothing. Really. For at least 5 minutes at first, and eventually a whole lot more. Is that a problem? Then we need to talk.

The ability to slow down if not stop altogether is key in knowing what we are feeling throughout the day. And if we can't do that in an intentional and sufficient way, it will be impossible for us to draw on that skill through every moment.

Now, once you find that place, think about what's going on in your body. Is your face grimaced? Are your hands clenched? Gut tied up? Muscles tense? In other words, is any part of your body being impacted by the tension in your head? Because, while we may live in a fast-paced world that rewards action and go-getting, an inability to turn that movement off can bring everything to a screeching halt.

Every now and again, we need a break. Literally. If you haven't heard of the concept of your chronological age as compared to your biological age, this is the difference, because prolonged stress - and that can include activity you deem to be positive or constructive - will break down your DNA and cause you to age. So unless you learn how to slow that down, all your efforts will be for naught when your life gets cut short.

Granted, this may all seem very dramatic and excessive for the subject at hand, but I can guarantee you this. If throughout the day, you are unaware of how your body is influencing everything you think and do, then you are on auto-pilot. And, as a result of the reactive situation, life is happening to you. So give yourself and your body a break and set aside a little time each day to take a restful side-trip. Once you can do that without getting all anxious, we can move to the next step. What to think when you're body is finally at rest.
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