Emotional Alignment
Is it your problem or theirs?


The single biggest impediment to change is refusing to challenge the status quo. Unfortunately, that includes presuming you have it wrong. That concept can be unnerving because it can imply that you are crazy when in fact you are not. All it truly means is that you are flawed like the rest of us. However, if you get caught up in that emotion it will enable inaction.

We reinforce an inaccurate past - refusing to question our experiences - when we fail to take personal responsibity or refuse to make others accountable. So we ask you; do you want to enable undesirable behavior, on your part or that of others? Because when you refuse to take constructive action, you lose your right to complain. In this case you are choosing the pain you know. Inertia says conflict will happen again. So stop it now while it is easier to do so.
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