Emotional Alignment
Identifying triggers is most important. Personal questioning is the most difficult.

Valid Feeling?

If you are like most people, you have come to rely on your mind as this solid, perfect reference system. It tells you what reality is. To suggest otherwise is disturbing. Unfortunately, that just isn't the case.

Your brain lies to you. Multiple times every day.
As is covered in Emotions under Model, we have to recognize that feelings come from our subconscious. We do not know the source of the conclusions driving our internal physical sensations. To assume they are correct does us a disservice. And it is only through questioning their validity that we can reduce the inaccuracy.

When we are alone it can be difficult to perform a personal interrogation but, ultimately, that is what is needed. We must drill down on the logic that our awareness uses to explain a feeling. And if at any point we use a cognitive distortion - a logical fallacy - we then know that the source of the feeling is incorrect. If you are not sure, talk about it with someone else. And if you cannot do that, well, that is probably another sign that the conclusion is faulty in the first place.
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