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What we feel is not reality. At best it is a possible clue.
Learn that your brain lies to you. Multiple times every day.
To refresh what we have covered, emotions are just the labels we assign a physical sensation we experience based upon a subconscious response. In effect, the stimulus is an interpretation. All around - from the unknown nature and flawed training - this points to potential misrepresentations, albeit ones we can reduce over time. Validating our feelings is the first step in doing that.

We also need to remember that cognitive distortions - aka logical fallacies - are the glue we use to connect when what we feel doesn't match reality. In other words, we make up an explanation that doesn't make sense. And since our brain lies to us multiple times each day, we really need this verification.

There are numerous ways to analyze what the source of the emotion may be, but there's a much better and easier way to determine if you are being misled by one and it is this. What is this feeling telling you to do? Remember, the goal of all behavior is to enable survival, to be constructive. That does include things like decompression and enjoyment along the way, but, even then, those activities should be in support of progress and working with others.

Accordingly, when we are alone and we feel bad, the question is what can I do about it? What is the point of this emotion? Because, if we can't come up with a rational justification and some action to take as a result, then the goal is to question why we are spending time feeling and thinking about something that has no purpose, something we will cover in the reframing misleading emotions lesson.

Remember, our mind is a reality approximation engine. It is only by questioning our feelings that we can improve the accuracy of what we think.
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