Emotional Alignment
Create new memories when appropriate ones are missing or incorrect ones are present.


Reframing is the root of change.

Our subconscious is flawed. As a result, multiple times each day, it is going to draw a conclusion that is either misleading or downright wrong and, regardless, give us a compelling physical sensation supporting it. The first step is to limit if not stop the automatic responses based upon these feelings (or absence thereof). After emotional regulation, the next step is to engage in reframing.
Reframing is about creating new stories. Like our awareness, our subconscious recognizes patterns and draws conclusions. Those patterns are from all our experiences and memories. So if a conclusion is wrong we cannot just erase or forget it. We need to slowly reduce it. That involves two basic operations. Not acting upon it - therefore failing to reinforce it - and creating a new, opposing conclusion. Over time, this diminishes the strength of the old conclusion and eventually replaces it with the new, desired subconscious result.
The Enact section gives you the ability to perform a 4 Social Emotions self-assessment. The result displays a bunch of information around each emotion imbalance including the typical root causes from childhood and how one goes about correcting the misalignment. It also has a master list of the four social emotions and their related issues.

By the time you have gotten to reframing, you have realized that you are feeling something invalid. That is great. However, what you do about that is slightly different based upon the root cause. Enact has a Remediate Index with more information around how to enable reframing.
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