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We have a program where you can receive free private coaching in exchange for promoting our events and philosophy.

Our focus is Generation Z in general and (larger) college campuses in particular. For spring 2020 that will be limited to Portland State University and Portland Community College. In the fall, we hope to extend that to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. Through the regular exhibition of our Emotions Expert booth we have discovered not only a particular interest from this group, but also unique needs and readiness. After all, this audience is at the start of their adult life and are looking to map out their future, a perfect time for introduction to the 4Sight Model.

Beyond them, we are open to working with any individual. The goal, though, is always to practice what you preach. That implies that you have some group beyond your closest friends to whom you can impart the teachings. The larger the group the more likely we will be to help you work with your team. Small companies or large departments are potential prospects.

We all learn best by doing, and you're not going to get it all correctly right away. Group efforts lend themselves to changing momentum when supportive coaxing is done correctly. After all, it is only through challenging how you think that you will be able to change how you think. That can be an unnerving concept, so being vulnerable requires a supportive response so that it may continue. And what better way to do that than within your company, community organization, athletic team or whatever. You pick. We'll help.

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Emotions Ambassadors Wanted!
The 4Sight Model - an exciting new way of looking at how we think - is recruiting college students wanting to make a difference in their own lives and with those around them. If you are currently attend Portland State University (PSU) or Portland Community College (PCC) and do not plan to graduate before June of 2021, you may be a good candidate.

This free personal improvement system has only two requirements. First, you need to go through our five-week program where we will identify your core weakness, then assist you in the process of getting it under control. Second, in exchange for this initial interaction and ongoing support thereafter, you only need to give us a couple hours each week spreading our word. Most of that will be your telling those with whom you come into contact what your experience has been.

For more information and to setup an initial interview, send us a note giving us your name, age, major, college attending and expected graudation date. We look forward to hearing from you. We are excited about helping you change your life for the better.

Email ambassador@4SightModel.com for more info.

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