Emotional Alignment
"Whatever we’ve been doing for five de­cades, it ain’t working.",
Thomas Insel, former NIMH Director.
For many people, existing modalities - including psychotherapy and medication - aren't enough. That's why we created Emotional Alignment, a new approach to mental wellness. Innovation is despearately needed, resulting in our Prevent Suicide-Anxiety-Depression (SAD) Program.
  • Reduce the stigma by understanding that the experts - parents and practitioners - may not have a solution.
  • Take control of your future with a structured, easy-to-understand system that explains how your mind works.
  • Learn how emotions - what you feel - sabotage your best interests.
  • Hear how you can empower your inner-circle to enable your self-improvement goals.
What we figured out is people aren't dumb, weak or broken. They are simply unprepared. While parents and practitioners mean well, they may not have the needed expertise to help you. They aren't sure how to raise emotionally healthy children nor do they have a guaranteed way to help struggling adults. (We don't consider coping mechanisms or medications a solution).
The answer is to get back to the basics. Look at how our ancestors existed before civilization came along and mucked everything up. After all, we evolved emotions for a reason. They enable collaboration. So why not take advantage of that naturally productive dynamic? We show you how to do that.
We teach you how your minds work and show you why you engage in irrational behavior. Then we give you a tried and true method to get everything under control, you and those around you. That includes taking advantage of peer-pressure and peer-support, the time honored way of improving behavior, although there is one more thing.
In addition to having a definition of how an emotionally healthy person behaves, there's also an optimal way for a constructive group to operate, and that's the key, that collaboration thing. After all, our inner-circle - the micro-tribe in EA-speak - is already aware of our issues and/or impacted by them, so why not give them the ability to positively support our goal of improvement?
The Program
The SAD Program starts with an initial in-person interactive workshop where you learn all the basic information. We then follow-up the class with four video sessions to reinforce the knowledge covered and answer questions around proper integration into your daily routine.
That's it. A 5-week commitment to change your perspective on life. To help you get things under control and attain the joy we all deserve. To learn more about the program or schedule a workshop for your group, email;
Prevention@EmotionalAlignment.com today!
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