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Up until this point we've been focused on more abstract content and philosophical questions. Now we're ready to get into the nitty gritty. That's because we need to pull ourselves out from focusing on us and learn how to become observers. Without that, we will remain reactive and life will happen to us. Master this chapter and you will start to realize the future IS what you make it.

Whereas commit centers around guilt, observe is about shame. It is about how we feel about ourselves and how we respond as a result. The irony is that if we truly value ourselves, we DON'T focus on our feelings. Instead, we keep our emotions in check which allows us more cognitive control and, ultimately, enables us to achieve the real goal; to interoperate with the group so we both succeed.

We are only one. There's a whole bunch of them out there. We need to be able work that into our master plan.
Master the art of not-responding.
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The verbiage in Content is the narration for a future video. This In Example section will also have a 2 - 4 minute offering insights and practical advice for the knowledge covered in the Content section.
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